The Journey Begins

Eight months ago, my partner, my cat and I moved house, with a good few hundred books, multiple boxes of plates, cups and brass candlesticks, heavy old furniture, pot plants (that is, plants in pots) and sundry stuff.  And Tupperware. LOTS of Tupperware.  We moved from Fife to another part of Scotland that we were none too familiar with: Selkirkshire in the Scottish Borders.

We moved to a house built in 1879, standing in its own grounds, in the heart of a village (population approximately 700).  A friend of mine said “Every house you’ve lived in looks like the set of a horror film”.  She might well be right.

We’ve unpacked the books, but not so many boxes of plates (there really were too many of them) and have mastered how to light the fires in the old house we now live in.  Somehow, we’ve run out of Tupperware.  We’ve discovered what grows in the slightly untamed garden.  We’ve frozen ridiculously large amounts of rhubarb.  Will this prove to be a good move? Time will tell.

What is clear is that the little village we’ve moved to is incredibly old, with legends dating back to around the ninth or tenth centuries.  We’re in the centre of Arthurian legend, in the old, old kingdom of Y Gododdin and the heart of the most ferocious witch-hunts of the 1600s.  There are haunted woods and ancient standing stones, isolated, gaunt ruined castles and the smashed remnants of great abbeys.  It’s also breath-takingly beautiful and quite remote-feeling at times.  Yet, every day we commute for under an hour to Scotland’s Capital city.  So far, I think it’s the best move we’ve ever made.  I hope I always feel like that!  I’ve always loved history and the supernatural.  I hope to write about both here.

One of the first things a villager said to me was “Oh, you live there?  Have you met the ghost yet?”  There’s not many ways to respond to that.  Well, it might have been fortuitous, as that is what gave me the idea for this blog.  Spooky, old stuff.  Bit witchy.  Bit ghostly.  Bit Merlin-y…

But this blog is really more like a journal for myself, noting stuff I like and find interesting.  Hopefully you will too…  If you don’t, there’s really no need to let me know.


“Nights through dreams tell the myths forgotten by the day.” Jung

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